I’m Batman

Recently the hubby and I made the big move — ok it was only 30 miles — from Luverne to Worthington.

But we have moved a lot and finding an affordable place in Worthington that allowed dogs was not an easy task.

We are becoming quite good at packing up and then unpacking again. In the one and a half years we have been married this was my fourth move.

Every time we move I like to take the opportunity to go through all of our stuff and ask myself  “do you really want to pack this up… again and move it… again?” If the answer is no I donate it, or throw it.

Much of what Jesse and I donated/threw away this time move was old clothes. The amount of t-shirts we owned and never wore was getting out of hand.

Normally I am all for my pack-rat* husband to throw away anything and everything but there was one shirt that he decided to put in the donate box that I wasn’t ready to get rid of — his batman shirt (one of the hundreds** of batman shirts he owns).

This is one of those shirts he wore all the time when we started dating and I always was fond of it. But like he said, the batman logo was wearing thin and the armpits had small holes in them.

So I started researching ways to re-purpose the shirt and this tank top option was my favorite. It was really easy, but I did have to call upon Jesse for some minor sewing (Yes, my husband sews. No, I don’t).

If you have any shirts you’d like to re-purpose into a cute tank-top here is how I turned my husband’s large shirt into a cute tank that will be great for the gym.





  1. First I cut the sleeves off following the hem.
  2. Then I cut a straight line across the top of the shirt just below the collar.
  3. I cut the arm-bands off the sleeves while I had the scissors out. They will be used for the straps.
  4. After I had cut the arm-bands off, I snipped each one once, to open them up longways.
  5. This is where Jesse helped me sew: I folded the top inch over on the front and Jesse sewed across the top to create a place to thread my strap.  Repeat for the back.
  6. I threaded each arm-band through the shirt, one through the front, and one through the back (I used some thread and a needle to pull it through the space).
  7. At this point I had Jesse sewing again, sewing the bands together at each side to create one big loop.

* He prefers the term collector. “You never know when it might come in handy!”

** this is an exaggeration

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