Reusable Cleaning Wipes

Lysol Wipes (or Clorox Wipes) are — in my opinion — one of the most amazing inventions since sliced bread. I cherish the feeling of cleaning up all the hairspray that is stuck on the bathroom counter with them. The delight I feel when disinfecting my kitchen counter with a simple swipe is indescribable.

A little over the top? Probably. But I seriously love these wipes.

Sadly, it hit me about  two weeks ago that these wonderful wipes are chalk full of chemicals. And because I am trying to decrease the amount of chemicals I use in my house, I finished off my last bottle of them and went in search of a more “green” alternative option.

I found the recipe below on Pinterest and I’ve been using them for about a week. I’m not 100 percent sold because they don’t leave that nice fresh scent that the Lysol Wipes did, but I do think they do a great job cleaning the gunk that accumulates on counters.



  •  3 cups hot water
  •  2 tablespoons castile soap
  •  1 cup white vinegar
  •  1 tablespoon borax
  •  20 drops essential oils (I used 10 drops Lavender and 10 drops Tea Tree because they both have antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties.)
  •  A large glass jar with lid (Make sure you can fit your hand into the jar to grab the wipes)
  •  As many rags as you can fold and layer into the container.


1. Layer rags in jar.

2. Mix together all the ingredients.

3. Pour the mixed ingredients over the rags.

4. Let cool before use.




To use:

1. Wring out over the jar.

2. Clean cupboards, counter tops or even children’s hands.

3. Wash them with laundry and re-layer in jar to reuse!


Note: I wouldn’t put used rags back into the cleaning solution. That way you keep this solution clean longer. According to the website where I found this recipe you can use the same solution until it is all absorbed and then make a new batch.

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